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Why Us?

Denny Powell 

Denny is an Occupational Therapist and works with human movement and balance. Denny began working with riders in 1995 and has refined this knowledge to assist riders in managing their center of gravity, control and motor patterns to best engage in the relationship with the horse. This brings a unique knowledge to students just beginning to explore their interest in horses and helps transform seasoned riders into skilled horsemen. 

Jim Paden 

Jim began showing Quarter Horses and Paints at age 17 in Ohio.  At age 22 he was introduced to Arabians and liked their spirit and intelligence.  In 2009 he began training Morgans.  He  currently works with Morgans and enjoys them for their great work ethic and how game they are each time they are asked to perform. Working with Quarter Horses, Arabians and Morgans has given Jim great insight into different approaches and styles of training and showing. This has enhanced his ability to work with the unique differences in each breed and horse which Jim values.

Brandy Weatherly

Brandy has been an integral part of the lesson program since 2011. She not only gets all the horses ready for lessons, but is a master at introducing the youngest of our riders to horses and the fundamentals of riding. Brandy has been around horses for most of her life. She started lessons at age 6 and owned her own horse at age 10. Brandy brings her ease and relaxed nature to our riders and program. 


The knowledge, talent and expertise at Cedarwood Equine is combined to bring out the the highest potential of riders and horses. We participate in shows across the country during show season and host winter tournament shows at the barn. The winter tournament shows provide a fun environment for lesson participants across the area to compete and practice their horsemanship skills.

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